JT Cricket Academy

JTCA are committed to ensuring we provide our cricketers with the best possible chance of success within the game of cricket. Because of this we have devised a series of free batting, bowling and fielding tutorials that can be practiced at home and can be completed by a variety of ages and skill levels. Whether you are an aspiring young cricketer just learning the game, or a seasoned veteran you will enjoy practicing at home with these short clips.

All drills can be completed within a small open space and require a small amount of kit an example of the kit required would be – a tennis ball, a bat, and a willing feeder! The drills are designed to maintain good practice and or stretch and challenge technique to further improve.

We would love to see you having a go at some of our home based cricket drills and or challenges, so be sure to send through a short clip of you having a go. Please send through to info@jtca.co.uk or tag us on Instagram or Twitter @JTCAcricket.

We hope you enjoy giving these a crack.